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Pros & Cons of Ready to Move Apartments

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Pros of buying ready to move apartments

  1. Immediate availability- The most prominent advantage of ready to move apartments is the non-existence of the waiting period. Once the consideration is being paid by the buyer, and the documentation is done, the buyer can move in immediately.
  2. No GST- Ready to move apartments that have completion certificate issued are left out of the range of GST.
  3. Legal status- Ready to move apartments have a verified legal title and the buyer can be sure of its legal status.
  4. No variations- Unlike under-construction projects, ready to move in properties offer you what you see. There’s no variation between the sample unit and the delivered unit.
  5. Additional cost- No additional cost is levied on ready to move apartments. There is no vagueness in the total cost.
  6. Feedback by customers- Buyers can take the feedback on the property from the existing customers and explore the nearby areas, and facilities.
  7. Low to no risk- Ready to move apartments are free from the hassle of delays or issues that are connected with the construction of the civil structure. The buyer just has to complete the consideration and documentation and take possession immediately.

 Cons of buying ready to move apartments

  1. Upfront payment- The payment that includes stamp duty, down payment, registration charges, etc. has to be made in advance. The remaining amount can be paid in EMIs.
  2. A lot of paperwork- In ready to move in property, a lot of legal work and documentation of the property is required.
  3. Restriction on the modification- Ready to move property means completed construction. So, you have a little scope of modification.
  4. The look of the property- Ready to move property does not always mean that it is new construction. It might be an old construction or a new construction up for sale for a long time. Hence, it might start looking old if not maintained properly.
  5. Costlier- Ready to move properties cost higher than under-construction properties.


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